• Who We Are

    Infection Control Training Group (ICTG) is a leading edge Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) training provider in North America. ICTG provides real-world, focused and custom education for professionals involved in health care facility (HCF) construction, renovation or maintenance.

  • Our Expertise

    ICTG is a recognized training provider for the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). Our highly qualified and specialized instructors have over 75 years of combined industry experience.

  • What We Do

    ICTG trains your team to identify, assess, control and manage IPAC risks in your workplace. We focus our instruction on the IPAC principles you need to successfully complete your project.

The Challenge

Construction in health care facilities increases risks to patients and staff. All staff on a project has IPAC responsibility and CSA requires IPAC training at all levels.

ICTG develops courses to train industry-accepted infection prevention and control standards and principles.  
We get the right information to the right people to do the right tasks.

Respecting the narrow margins in construction projects, ICTG will train efficiently and economically to meet CSA standards.

Our Clients

The Course

This 8-hour CSA equivalent course will provide your project leaders and staff with the required tools to successfully apply IPAC principles.

This course will focus is on Section 8 (Infection Prevention and Control Measures for New Construction Projects) of the CSA Standard Z317.13-17 Infection Control During Construction, Renovation, and Maintenance of Health Care Facilities as well as other relevant to construction information and content in CSA 317.12 Cleaning and Disinfection of HCFs.

ICTG includes problem-solving scenarios, practical hands-on exercises and time for shared experiences that can help your team navigate the issues and challenges that may arise on the HCF construction or major renovation projects.

Course Content

  • IPAC Responsibilities, Duties & Obligations

  • Importance of Infection Control

  • Effective management of IPAC Risks/Liabilities

  • IPAC Risk Communication (ICRA & PMA)

  • Role of Multidisciplinary Team (MDT)

  • Practical Infection Control (Hands On)

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • How to navigate through our course

    • About Infection Control Training Group

    • Meet Your Instructor

  • 2

    Student Resources and Videos

    • Pre-Reading: Resources and Downloads

    • Coughing/Sneezing Etiquette

    • Handwashing Demo

    • Wiping Technique

    • Goosenecking

    • Respirator Decon

    • Taping Respirator Cartridges

    • Air Filtration Device Operation

    • Cleaning Multimedia Filter

    • HEPA Vacuum Introduction

    • HEPA Technique Demonstration

    • Donning Decon: Doffing Select Protective Equipment

  • 3


    • IC Principles Exam

  • 4


    • A minute for your thoughts.

    • Course Evaluation

  • 5


    • Press Here for Certificate

More Information

  • This course is for those who perform or are involved in construction work within health care facilities including: Facility Maintenance & Project Managers, Maintenance Personnel, Contract Maintenance Supervisors, and Infection Prevention Control Professionals

  • This course provides an equivalent level of training as prescribed under CSA Standard Z317.13-17.

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